Captured Memories – Across the Threshold of War

Peter Liddle was a pioneer in the recording of memories of personal experience in the First World War and in the social background of those who lived … [Read more...]

Ghost sign: British Paints in Carlisle

About half way along an alleyway not really used in our modern times, is possibly one of the best preserved ghost adverts in Carlisle. Painted … [Read more...]

Hadrain’s Wall Illuminated

Saturday 13th March saw the spectacular illumination of Hadrian's Wall, bringing to life Britain’s longest, and greatest, historic monument. 500 … [Read more...]

Glasson and the Glasson Dock area – Lancaster

The village of Glasson is situated at the end of the Lancaster Canal, south of the City of Lancaster in Northern England.  It was a small farming … [Read more...]

Safety lamp history…

Over 20cm in height with a heavy base made of brass is the iconic miners safety lamp. Stamped with the number 908 the base fuel compartment the … [Read more...]