Susanna ‘Suky’ Trevelyan and Charlotte Walpole, side by side

Two paintings, nearly 250 years old and almost identical in content, are set to be displayed together for the first time in an exhibition at the … [Read more...]

Bannockburn Heritage Centre looks forward to new exhibitions

Visitors to The National Trust for Scotland’s Bannockburn Heritage Centre will see the site for the last time this season, before it is demolished to … [Read more...]

Popular Erddig stays open for longer

For the first time in its 250 year history of one of Wales’s foremost great houses, Erddig, will open its doors to the public throughout … [Read more...]

Holy Jesus Hospital – Newcastle

Surrounded by roads and modern buildings, the Holy Jesus Hospital in Newcastle is an historical gem amongst modern concrete. It is also one of only … [Read more...]

Chirk Castle cleaning will take 3 months

Visitors to Chirk Castle in Wales have the opportunity to see for themselves how specialist conservators and cleaners get to work on historical … [Read more...]

Campaign to save Nuffield Place

A campaign has been launched to save the former home of William Morris, the inventor of the Morris motorcar. The National Trust hopes to raise … [Read more...]

Festival of British Archaeology

National Parks across the UK are looking forward to welcoming more visitors than ever this summer as people decide to holiday at home. With … [Read more...]

Lost Country Houses of England

The Lost Heritage website is a memorial to the lost country houses of England and is the dedicated work of one man, who's fascination with these great … [Read more...]