Kirkmadrine Stones

A group of  early Christian stones were discovered in the 19th century during construction of a family mortuary chapel in … [Read more...]

Greta Bridge, Keswick

Carrying the busy A66 between the M6 and Keswick is what is possibly the largest concrete span bridge in Cumbria, the Greta Bridge. Four lanes of … [Read more...]

Dales Volunteers bridge that gap

Dales Volunteers have been doing their bit to preserve an historic footbridge in Swaledale. A group of five volunteers and some Yorkshire Dales … [Read more...]

King Edward I Monument

Standing alone in the middle of rough salt marsh just outside the village of Burgh by Sands, is the King Edward I Monument. Erected in 1685 as … [Read more...]

Corpse Roads

Great Britain in the 15th and 16th Centuries was a place of many small parishes, some very rural and isolated.  Most of these villages did have their … [Read more...]