The Battle East of Elsenborn

The Battle East of Elsenborn

The Battle East of Elsenborn

This book tells of the courageous story of men who believed in their heritage, and who, through their heroic teamwork and dedication, stopped the main effort of the German Sixth Army.

American veterans who participated in this battle remember the events, even after sixty years, as only yesterday.

They also remember their compatriots and friends who died in this battle.

The book covers what is essentially a five-day critical battle for the North shoulder of the ‘Bulge’ at Rochearth-Krinkelt.

The Bulge was fought was fought in many areas, but it was won for the First Army on this shoulder.

The author, has probed into every possible source for factual information.

He has studied official after-action reports, histories and unit reports of organisations involved in the battle.

In addition, he has conducted an extensive program of individual contacts, not only with the US Army participants, local villages and resistance fighters, but also with German commanders at various levels in the 3 divisions involved.

Such an ample and widespread research effort has enabled the author to separate fact from fiction.

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