Death on the Beat

Death on the Beat

Death on the Beat

There is little that shocks the British public more than the killing of policemen and women whilst tackling criminals.

Even hardened crooks baulk at what is seen as the ultimate crime particularly in the days when the police were largely unarmed.

This book looks at fifty years of crime enforcement through case studies to demonstrate the ever present danger to those who patrolled London’s streets and paid with their lives.

Many who died were carrying out routine duties.

PC Nat Edgar was shot in 1948 by a burglar and PC Patrick Dunne was murdered investigating a domestic incident in 1993; it took thirteen years to bring his killer to justice.

Detective Sergeant Ray Purdy was shot arresting a cheap blackmailer and PC Ray Summers stabbed to death breaking up a gang fight.

Particularly shocking was the gunning down of the three-man crew of the ‘Q’ car in 1966.

Terrorism brought more deaths.

The IRA were responsible for the murder of PC Stephen Tibble and the horrific bombing of Harrods which cost three brave police officers their lives.

The case of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot from inside the Libyan Embassy in 1984, remains highly contentious.

Acclaimed crime writer and former Met detective, Dick Kirby has drawn deep on his knowledge and contacts within and outside the Metropolitan Police to get first-hand accounts of these crimes, the ensuing investigations and the aftermath for those affected directly.

Written in his no-holds-barred and authoritative style, Death on the Beat, Dick’s ninth book, promises to be the best yet.

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