Roman Conquests: Gaul

Roman Conquests: Gaul

Roman Conquests: Gaul

Ever since their sack of Rome in the early fourth century BC, the various tribes of Gauls to the north were among the Roman Republic’s most feared and respected foes.

This book describes how Roman armies eventually carried war into their enemies’ homelands and brought them into their expanding empire.

Michael M Sage relates the establishment of Rome’s first footholds in Gallic territory, before moving onto Julius Caesar’s dazzling seizure of all Gaul in the space of a few years.

Caesar army repeatedly defeated much larger armies drawn from a fierce warrior culture.

These, the most famous of all Roman campaigns of conquest, are described and analysed in great detail, as are the events of Vercingetorix’s great rebellion which almost succeeded in throwing off Roman rule before it could be consolidated.

Caesar’s epic siege of Alesia provides a dramatic climax.

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