Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors

Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors

Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors

If you want to find out about your Yorkshire ancestors, you can visit the
many unusual and fascinating archives in England’s largest county.

As well as tracing when your ancestors were born, married and died, you can explore how they lived, how they spent their leisure time and what their home life was like.

Rachel Bellerby’s invaluable guide will introduce you to places that
hold a wealth of information about Yorkshire’s past, and the records you
find in these archives will bring your research to life.

Whatever you would like to discover more about, from fairground travellers to Romany gypsies, from working deep underground in a mine to making a living from the North Sea, there is so much to learn.

The many different archives that welcome family history researchers are explored here and explained.

Often these archives are overlooked, yet they contain revealing information about the people who called Yorkshire their home.

Dozens of places, from tiny museum archives to large research centres, are open for your research. Tracing your Yorkshire ancestors has never been more exciting.

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Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors

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