In search of Solway history

A north Cumbrian project is trying to find items of historical interest from north west Cumbria.

Milk churns saved from the scrap man

Milk churns saved from the scrap man

Researchers are aiming to create a portfolio of local heritage artefacts from the Solway Plain. These could include old photographs, farming implements, local folk culture and memories. Items could possibly go forward to an exhibition later.

Fieldwork is at an early stage, with the team taking photos and documenting any items brought to their attention.

The work is part of a project called the Solway Wetlands Landscape Partnership Scheme which is a partnership between the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and other organisations.

Alex Kaars Sijpesteijn, Solway Wetlands Development Officer, said: ” If you know of anyone who has artefacts and wouldn’t mind potentially letting them be in an exhibition please let me know.

“At the moment we are simply taking photos and notes so that when the time comes we know where they are.”

The project area runs from Allonby to Wigton to Kirkbampton to the western tip of Carlisle and up to the coast. It is a four year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

If you would like more information or have an item suitable for the research team, please contact the Solway Wetlands Development Officer on 016973 33055 or email


A drop-in session will be held at the Royal Oak, Moorhouse, Cumbria on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

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