Ghost sign: British Paints in Carlisle

About half way along an alleyway not really used in our modern times, is possibly one of the best preserved ghost adverts in Carlisle.

Ghost sign: British Paints, Carlisle

Ghost sign: British Paints, Carlisle

Painted on old wooden gates, the advert for ‘British Paints’ is in very good condition given it’s age.

Gold capital letters spell out the brand with the customary black shadow, giving the lettering a feeling of depth.

A green background to the wooden doors and surrounds compliments the whole decoration.

It is thought that the gates were once on a depot or distribution point for the company in the city.

British Paints

The history of British Paints goes back to Newcastle in the north east of England.

According to the website – The Friends of the Old Paint Company – the original founding member was a James W Adamson.

Through acquisitions, mergers and  other business methods, the company expanded until the outbreak of war when, as a patriotic gesture it seems, it changed name to The British Paints Ltd.

The timeline for this British company moves to the USA in the mid 1960’s, following the retirement of Jimmy Anderson.  At the same time the detailed history also becomes a little vague.

British Paints moves to New Zealand

According to the British Paints website in New Zealand in 1969 the British Paints Company was purchased by Bergen Jenson and Nicholson.

In 1970 Bergen Jenson and Nicholson was purchased by Hoeshast.

In 1986 Hoeshast sold Bergen Jesnon and Nicholson Australasia to ICI Paints.

British Paints is now owned by Dulux New Zealand, which is a division of Dulux Group.

More information

Due to the quality of this sign we have not disclosed the full location, in a bid to try and protect it from vandalism.

Can you add to the history of this sign on a gate near the centre of Carlisle.  Maybe you painted it or worked for the company and can say when it appeared?

Let us know via the comments section below.

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