Practice safe knitting

We recently came across this brand of Durex knitting needles and just had to share it.

The needles were passed to us by one of our readers who found them when sorting through some items at a car boot sale.

Durex knitting needles

Are these for practicing safe knitting?

These double ended knitting needles are designed for knitting socks or anything cylindrical.  Generally purchased in packs of four, it looks as though these ones have never been used.

Most knitting needles today are made of a metal alloy but these particular ones appear to made from a coloured plastic.

The Durex brand of knitting needles (knitting pins) and crochet hooks, seems to show up on a few heritage knitting sites but we know little about the company and the era that these needles date from.

If anybody can help with this information just let us know via the comments section below.

More information

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