Captain Kidd – The Hunt for the Truth

Captain Kidd - The Hunt for the Truth

The execution of Captain William Kidd on 23 May 1701 is one of the most controversial and revealing episodes in the long history of piracy.

The legend that has grown up around Kidd’s final voyage, his concealed treasure and the dubious conduct of his trial, has made him into one of the most intriguing and misunderstood figures from the golden age of piracy.

For either Kidd was a legal privateer or he was a wicked pirate – indeed he has been described as one of the most feared pirates to sail the high seas. But his story is complex and ambiguous.

This timely new account of Kidd’s life and seafaring career reassesses the man and his legend – it makes compelling reading.

Craig Cabell is the author of fifteen books.

He has also worked extensively as a journalist, reporter and columnist, contributing most notably to The Independent.

He is a former in-house reporter with MOD Focus and has worked as a short story writer and historical advisor for radio and TV documentaries.

Graham A. Thomas is the writer of six previous books including the acclaimed Operation Big Ben – The Anti-V2 Spitfire Missions 1944-45 with Craig Cabell.

Graham is also a former reporter with MOD Focus and has worked extensively in radio.

Allan Richards wrote VE Day – A Day to Remember and enjoyed extensive media coverage during the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. He has travelled the world and written about his experiences for travel magazines, amongst others.

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Captain Kidd – The Hunt for the Truth

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