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Old road signs in the Yorkshire Dales are being given a wash and brush up.

Some of the signs date back to the 1950s and are in need of some tender loving care, according to Andy Ryland, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s Transport and Visitor Management Officer.

Road sign in need of repair

Road sign in need of repair

“The Yorkshire Dales’ network of meandering roads have a particular charm and add to the strong sense of place – and they are noted as one of the special qualities of the National Park,” he said.

John Kirk (left) and Stan Hutchinson at work on the signs.

John Kirk (left) and Stan Hutchinson at work on the signs.

“Part of what makes the roads special are some of the road signs and even older finger posts that are still to be found in few places, although they have become much rarer these days. Some of them are in a very poor condition and are in need of repair.”

Dales Volunteers John Kirk and Stan Hutchinson have come to the rescue and with the help of Authority Access Ranger, Richard Mainman, who has taken down several of the signs, they are restoring them.

“I am very impressed and grateful for the work Stan and John have put in,” Andy said.

“They have carefully turned what looks like junk metal into something of beauty, removing rust, repairing damage and painstakingly repainting the lettering.

Richard has already re-erected three of the signs and they look very impressive as they take their rightful place as part of the cultural heritage of the National Park once more.”

Road sign history

Road sign restored and returned to the edge of the road.

Road sign restored and returned to the edge of the road.

The first road marking seen in the UK was in 1918 and was the famous white line.

Many contemporary road signs trace their origins to the 1950s, when a national system of design was established.

This regulation was called the Traffic Signs Regulations 1957.

The current road signs were introduced on our roads in 1965, mainly as a result of the arrival of the motorway.

Britain is the only European Union member nation to use Imperial rather than metric measurements for distance and speed.

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