Heritage Crafts Association

Traditional crafts and heritage industries now have a champion in the form of the Heritage Crafts Association.

Officially launched today,  the Association has been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months to raise the profile of traditional manufacturing.

Also launched today is the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA) Friends’ Scheme.  This will allow supporters to take a more active role in the organisation in return for a small membership fee.

Professor EJT Collins, editor of ‘Crafts in the English Countryside‘, is one of the patrons of the HCA.  His report was the first publication for over 80 years to examine the state of the traditional crafts and trades in the English countryside.

Other patrons include

The HCA is a non-profit organisation registered also as a UK charity.

Social interaction

Robin Wood, the HCA Chair, has also set up a blog which already contains over 70 posts. It is hoped that this will be updated regularly with the latest opinions and observations about the traditional crafts sector and the work of the HCA.

You can keep up to date with news from the  HCA by following updates on Twitter.

The Heritage Crafts Network

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