Unknown history

Have you ever come across an object, article, building or thing that you are not sure what it is or what it was used for?

This has happened many times whilst we have been out and about and no doubt will happen in the future.

So rather than leave the pictures sitting on a hard drive, we will add things to the gallery below to see if you know what they are.

To make life easier we will number each item and make a form available at the bottom of the page for you to get in touch.

Item gallery

[slidepress gallery=’unknown-history-gallery’]


Unknown history

Can you identify an object and / or add to the history? Then let us know via this form or the comments section of this post.
  • Which image or item are you letting us know about?
  • (not for publication but just incase we need to ask further questions)
  • Do you know of a website with further details about the object?
  • What do you know about the object ?

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