Archives for May 2009

Dales Volunteers bridge that gap

Dales Volunteers have been doing their bit to preserve an historic footbridge in Swaledale. A group of five volunteers and some Yorkshire Dales … [Read more...]

Pendragon Castle, Cumbria

Commanding an impressive view over the Eden Valley, stand the remains of Pendragon castle, thought to be constructed during the reign of William II in … [Read more...]

Armies march out of history onto the streets of Carlisle

An army of soldiers from different periods in the history of Carlisle will march through the city once again on Thursday 28th May. Re-enactors … [Read more...]

Podcast – Curiosity collector

Curiosities and gadgets were on display in one of the large tents at the Hethersgill Vintage Rally 2009. Alan Head has been collecting stuff for … [Read more...]

Podcast – Marshall One – Steam engine

Marshall One, a recently restored steam powered general purpose engine, was one of the many highlights to be found at the Hethersgill Vintage … [Read more...]

Observation post – Burgh by Sands

Memories of two conflicts are to be found on the salt marshes near to a small village called Burgh by Sands in North Cumbria. King Edward I … [Read more...]

Hethersgill Vintage Club Rally – 2009

A fine but very blustery day saw Carlisle Airport filled with machines and items of a byegone era. The 26th Annual Hethersgill Vintage Rally seemed … [Read more...]